Leveling Concerns

I have several friends that are interested in transfering to KT, but have reservations about being harassed while leveling.

Is this a know issue on KT or does the huge faction imbalance make it a non-issue?
If you're alliance don't expect it to be a huge issue as from what I understand we outnumber the horde 2-1 or 3-1. If you get ganked expect a small posse of alliance to come to your aid, least thats how it was in stv when i leveled my priest >.>
ill be on the look out to get your friends then.

"Queue area, where a line of people wait. The line of people itself is the queue."


"that" in Spanish
isn't que "what" in spanish?

Yes, please transfer more Alliance for the slaughter.
Wrong, "Qué" is what in Spanish.

Need an accent there, hombre. >,>

Also, Queue sounds like Cue, not Que.
They call it a PvP server for a reason. When the opportunity arises, you will be ganked. No amount of faction imbalance will change this. Will you be continually ganked to the point of being griefed? Probably. We aren't here to save you.

Queue is full
Server's full. We had a queue today.

We don't want you or your friends.
WTB a new faction for the new transfers to get funneled into.
One both alliance and horde can attack?!
One both alliance and horde can attack?!

Yes exactry. I call it, the "mob" faction.

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