Leveling Concerns

I've been levelling a Dwarf Shaman this last week, and have been ganked maybe 3 times total, currently hanging around Eastern Plaguelands. Most horde I meet have been very honorable, in that we're both trying to level new race/class combinations (seeing quite a few Tauren Pallys running around) or experiencing new quest lines so I try to return the favor by leaving them alone. It's not a huge problem currently, but I predict that this will change once all the 80's are back in Azeroth flying around and trying to level. I still don't think it will be anything close to the STV or SS/TM of old vanilla.
You can't delete posts anymore?????
I don't think i've ever ganked someone, I usually just /lick them.

And why on earth am I a male Orc?

And why can't I edit correctly?

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