Mystery*11/12ICC25HM*Recruiting for Cata 25m

Guild Recruitment
A-Hyjal (PvE), PST
11/12 ICC25 HM; ICC25 Glory of the Raider; 3 Legendary Shadowmournes
3 members >9k acheivement points, 1 member >10k

Are you an experienced, high-performance raider, eager to progress through Cataclysm 25m raiding? Mystery Inc is a 25m progression guild with a proven success record. We are consistently in the top raiding guilds on Hyjal.

Our raiding roster is almost complete with most of our raider staying with Mystery in the expansion. However, we have a few positions to fill.

Mystery is a stable guild with members who have played together since Beta. Our members are excellent players who thrive on competitive play. We are team oriented, treating each other with respect.

If you REALLY enjoy raiding, Mystery is the place for you. We raid 25-mans four days a week, and have numerous alt runs (both 25 and 10m). Our members enjoy all aspects of the game and have put us in a strong position for guild achievements in Cataclysm.

Join us at Mystery Inc. for epic 25man raiding!

We will consider exceptional players of any class. We are especially recruiting for:
Shadow Priest

Apply at our website, . Or, contact Hammertoe, Guild Master, or Malynn, Recruiting Officer, in the game.
Links to our ICC25HM cinematic on our homepage.
Cya in raid,
Recruiting Officer, Mystery Inc.

The Details:
Raid times: Monday through Thursday, 7 to 10:30 pm, server (PST)
DKP: Tiered DKP system using fixed costs for items.
Repairs: We reimburse raiders for repairs.
Flasks and potions: We sell flasks to raiders at about half the auction house cost. Depending on the encounter, we give raiders potions for free.
Enchants: We reimburse ~50% of the cost of enchanting materials for raiding upgrades.
Expectations: Excellent performance, high attendance, and commitment to raiding. Come fully prepared for each raid. Have fun!
Come join us! :)

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