A Thought On Disease

Death Knight
As it stands, with the play-speed modifications since 4.0.1, we're seeing a lot of complains not only on the usefulness of diseases but on the potential cost (i.e. lost threat or missed abilities) of throwing each disease up manually, thus costing two GCD's.

The counter-argument to this is that we will be receiving Outbreak, which will lighten the load that has come to entail keeping your diseases active. Wonderful! The question then begs to be asked, if it's more valuable both from a mathematical and a play-style perspective to not have two-GCD's hindering your initial threat boosts then why not simply roll the entire mechanic of diseases (IT to apply FF, PS to apply BP) into a single ability with a single debuff (Outbreak to apply <Insert Disease>)?

This would provide the following:

1) Fluidity, by lessening the strain to blow through two-three GCD's prior to actually beginning to use tanking abilities.

2) Timing, assuming they leave the Outbreak ability as is, players will want to think about when they use it lest they waste it on an unimportant unit.

3) Segregation, the disease aspect will loose a little of it's "must be active" import simply by beeing seen as a bonus when available. Which to my mind is good. The previous approach was akin to requiring 5 (now 3) Sunder Armor's to be active to Shield Slam to be functionally full-powered. Silly.

This breeds another thought, what would the consequences be of simply removing the disease-bonuses from abilities and allowing those diseases to operate distinctly as a purely damage buff available to the DK whenever he/she sees a use for them?

Any opinions?
The only problem I can see is that sometimes RNG might conspire (in our favor) to keep your diseases at full up-time without every having to use Outbreak. If the disease components of IT and PS were utterly removed, the use of Outbreak becomes something to consider when playing rather than one of those pesky "passive damage" modifiers.

An example would be Prince Keleseth in ICC. If Outbreak was our only source of disease-application, then using it on an add four seconds prior to Prince Keleseth being empowered (and thus requiring at least some tanking on the DK's part) would be a mistake of use. While saving it and unloading it on the boss would be a better use.

The only issue then becomes a rather trivial one which is why not roll FF and BP into a single disease, and simply alter the math on all the abilities to continue acting as they had though with one disease?

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