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Paragons of Epicosity

We are a mature, family-oriented, casual PvE/Raiding Alliance guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server.. The majority of our community is made up of working class adults with families. By adult we mean (21 years old or older). As most of us have families, we try and keep a clean atmosphere in-game.

We have a casual PVE/RAID schedule based PST (server time). All PVE/RAID activities are voluntary for those that wish to participate. The casual player can jump in when they have time, if they wish to. For more "hardcore" players, we will attempt to have regularly scheduled events to allow for advancement.

We focus on all aspects of the game, including Raiding, Questing, Crafting, and pvp content.

Our goals

To have fun and enjoy the playing with the people within our guild. As a casual guild, we place more importance on experiencing all that World of Warcraft has to offer at our own pace. To us, it is not about rushing to level cap and rushing to make server firsts, but to enjoy solid team-work and a great guild community.

For more info

Check out our website at

or message one of us in game.

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