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Hi i would like to suggest that guild alliances would be an amazing thing like for the guilds that dont want to just pvp in the pvp guild and want to pve we should be able to link guilds for thoes and like the guild there in but want extra help with maybe a world raid on a main citty or like i have created a guild and my best friend creates a guild he likes pve i like pvp we should be able to link i was thinking like next to the guild roster tab have like a guild alliance tab and they would be seprate lvling guild rep but u could build alliances with them and be for what ever u plan on doing with guild rep but the more rep to the other guild we could do better stuff. as guilds. and maybe the guild alliance could have a shared tab between the guilds like under them all. or maybe have like guild tabards we could put on are mounts with new and improved icons and colors i am currently running my own guild and this is stuff i think about on a daily basis also guilds should be able to place guild sines up like the one for hogger places threw out zones that if u want to join the guild players could sine the sine and the guild leader could be able to determine who got in but you would have to by the sines and you can only place so many threw out the worlds, and zones, i have also been hearing that mages want there old blast wave back. also i think that gnomes and goblins should be able to get like a giant rat mount and night elves could get a cheeta mount with a boost of speed increased but then a decrees for a few seconds with a cool down like sprint. pleas Send me a response email to [Removed]
Dear lord!

I can't read that.

Blizzard isn't going to send you a response e-mail, and if that's also your email I'd remove it immediately.
If you have a suggestion you would like to see implemented into the game, Gazzle, you'll want to create a post in the appropriate location.

For example if you wish to make a suggestion for a particular class posting in that classes forum would be the best location.

Those of us who moderate this forum are not developers nor are we liaisons with them, if you have an idea or feedback that doesn't seem to fit into any one category the General Discussion forum would be the ideal location to post.

I'd also advice while posting that you do so in such a way that others can easily read your post. I'd also leave out your e-mail address as they will be unable to contact you directly and you are only inviting spam mail.

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