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I'm looking for a decent casual raiding guild.
I don't have the time, nor the will to go full time raiding, so I'm looking for a guild that can accommodate a casual (self-proclaimed) decent healer with a dps off-spec. I usually play 1 - 2 weekdays evenings from about 9pm server time for an hour or two (good for running heroics), but my main play time is Saturday and Sunday afternoons, which is where I could potentially attend raids.
So either a guild that does casual raids, or a progress orientated guild that does weekend alt runs would be great.

I do put in a lot of effort if required (e.g. farming mats/providing items/glyphs) and by no means intend to live off the guild (e.g. regularly get my repairs done, but never pay into the guild bank...I loathe people who do that). I'm very capable of learning and I welcome constructive criticism (end of the day that is what makes you better).

So if you could use an extra healer (I hear they might become a commodity come Cata...) give me a shout in game or reply to this thread.


P.S. for those that care, I don't know my gear score, but I'm sitting at a average gear level of about 245 fully gemmed and enchanted (not sure if it's optimal though, any help is welcome), so that should be about 5.2k gs or thereabout.

P.S.S I also have a guildless Hunter sitting at about 5.1k gs.
Just for the curiosity factor, if you're curious you have a GS of 5364. Highest iLvl piece is 264, lowest is 232 with an average of 246.

I got an iPhone app to look things up which is good cause it also tells me if someone is fully socketed and enchanted (which as you said, you are). No, it doesn't tell me if they have done that properly though.

Good luck in your search for a home on Saurfang.
Lol, so my guess at 5.2k wasn't all that bad :P
Yeah, I don't give much about gs to be honest (hence I don't use it), but some people just seem obsessed by it.

As I pretty much only do heroics (I want a guild to learn how to raid heal!!!), I'm set up for smite healing atm, but I'm more than willing to change that. I hear it's pretty rubbish for more challenging raid healing.
shameless bump
Found one! :)
And I'm back on the market :(

Note: I actually want a guild that does casual raids, not one that wants to do them.

Well, for the next few weeks it will be dungeons on my way to lvl 85 and then some raids in the new year.
Bump on my hunter...

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