SS's of 11/22/10 Org Raid

Emerald Dream
And sorry for the reduced picture quality, I had to drop it down a notch just to improve kill potential

Control of Trade

The feast after the storm


Burn the city to the ground

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5v1? haha. more n that sir
My favorite shot of the night.
Number is not skill.

Although effective.
My favorite shot of the night.

Shouldn't be harder to kill him then any other druid.

But I do agree seeing leaders fall makes moral boost

WELL me personally I thought it was a nice recap.

Burning city, dead natureswill (note Prodigy hugs him), Entire raid outside Org watching it burn.

Sigh... Good times.
Definately a Fun Night.
Cool guys, look at all those unflagged horde you all killed.
Burn the city to the ground

Silly geese. The elementals burned the city. You guys just rode their coattails.

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