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I've seen this go back and forth so much.

My question is, what is the timeline between when you start those quests, and when you become a worgen, and are cured? The in between cinematic suggests you were living unchecked in the wild, and the quests that you do afterwards deal with present time, since you're fighting off the Forsaken.

However the intro cinematic for the race mentions the wall going up, and Lordaeron being taken over by Scourge. The wording makes me think that when you start the zone, at level 1, it's about 6-10~ years ago, and after the city falls, it's sped up to present day.

I could be extremely wrong, and that's completely fine if I am. I just want to get the timeline correct.
"A few years" is all I believe the quest text says once you're cured. Logically it'd be when the worgen curse first showed up, so sometime in early Vanilla.

The comic shows that the undead mentioned are the Forsaken laying siege to the Greymane Wall. The comic itself starts 3 days before the events in-game and so in the end it isn't that much time that passes.
the city invasion happens years it seems before the catacysm. the forsaken invsion which happens at the same time your character gets his mind back happens shortly after the catacylsm, probobly a few weeks or months.

i would assume that the worgen invasion happened at about the same time arugal lost control of his first batch of worgen so just before or at the very begining of vanilla.

so you could have been a feral worgen for 6 or so years, get fixed and then the forsaken are landing. the player character has very little down time to get used to being a wolf man.

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