Tuesday morning

Wyrmrest Accord
it's 8:47 AM EST servers wont be up till about 2:00 am EST -IF- (and thats a big if mind you) the servers come up on time

What are you doing to bide the time?

I think i personally might go buy some lucky charms, or trix cereal and watch outsourced.
Webcomics I have been neglecting for the past few months for just this occasion, and a nuzlocke run of Heartgold.

Shiny Caterpie, ##** year.
A just ambition. Though i beleive weedle may be dissapointed..

and you just remeinded me i have megaman roms!
Yus typo!

*bleary eyed, friggin work calling in at 3:30am*

Why are you eating noodles at too-early-in-the-morning-for-noodles-o' clock?
If you haven't yet, fire up your launcher, download the necessary information, then look at the launch screen. The cinematic for Cataclysm is amazing.

The cinematic for Cataclysm full-screen in HD without streaming is jaw-dropping.

That and the login screen music is incredible.
I wrote another journal entry. Something to do before work. You lucky ducks. I don't get to see anything until about 10 PM EST tonight.
You know what sucks?

Living in Korea.

You know what sucks about it?

I'm fourteen hours ahead of EST. The servers don't come up for me for another four hours - if they do, in fact, come up at that time. However, if they extend maintenance, I may be able to get up just in time to get into the game.

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