Who's forging Deathwing?

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In the cinematic you can see peoples forging deathwing's metal with hammers and such. It seems they are "building him". I didn't read lore at all, and though I did play Warcraft 3 and have done lorewise quest-line in WoW, I am slightly clueless about who is Deathwing and where is he coming from?

So yeah, I was wondering, who are these peoples in the cinematic forging him?
I bet it's those nerds in the Twilight cult. I still don't see why Blizzard wouldn't let me murder the entire camp outside of Stormwind and help solve the problem.
Yes, am curious too myself, who indeed is forging Deathwing or is it, Hookjaw?
I bet it's those nerds in the Twilight cult.
It's been confirmed in official Blizzard texts that those people are Twilight Cultists. You can see purple glowing crystals on the walkways as well.
Goblins or more like Twilight Cultists.
Deathwing was the aspect of Azeroth who was corrupted by the old gods, when he became corrupted and insane(evil) his body started falling apart his veins were filled with larva and he attached plates to himself for both protection and to keep his body together.

In his last battle(Night of the Dragon) he was badly hurt by the other dragon aspects and retreated to the elemental plane, the twilight cult is rebuilding his armor as seen in the cinematic.
blacksmiths..... :P
Me thinks Narull knows too much. 'eyes him'
blacksmiths..... :P

Dang, i bet that would give skill ups like mad... =P
Orc peons! no wait...
did anyone else laught at the OP's name? Sacjewa? isn't that off the simpsons

Sacajawea is actually an indian woman part of the history. But let's be honest, I got it in the simpsons, yes.
Didn't enslaved goblins forge his armor the first time?
In the War of the Ancients books, it was Goblins. Nothing else, just goblins.

But, that got RetConned to the Twilight Cult, and not only Goblins

uh. no. the first time it was goblins. the second time it was cultists.

This. During the fiasco in the Twilight Highlands (from Night of the Dragon) Deathwing's armor took a beating (the armor made by the goblins) and he got it patched up and/or replaced by his new Twilight Buddies.

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