worth leveling?

how much needed are rogues on raids? like will i get invites right away or will i have to be geared out the wazoo
Go roll a druid or paladin and always get raid invites.
My trolldar is beeping
no troll, im serious my friend hates his 80 rogue and just wondering if it's worth leveling or just get up my druid or mage
Trolls trolling trolls?
If you're choosing a class strictly based on your chances of getting into a PUG raid, pick a hybrid. Hybrids are able to fill more than one role, which will increase the odds that a given raid group needs something you can give them.

It's important to know what you're doing - getting a reputation for being good at what you do will get you invited. But DPS is the first role to be fully covered in most raid groups. If they're full on DPS it doesn't matter how good you are at it; they're going to pass you over for someone who can do what they need done.

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