Hammer of the Righteous or Crusader Strike?

As a paladin tank what is better to use? Hammer of the Righteous or Crusader Strike? I have been reading many post from people who says that they include Crusader Strike in their rotation but I always use Hammer of the Righteous. Is Crusader Strike better then Hammer of the Righteous?
It will matter more when you're at max level, use a slow (2.6 speed) 1H weapon and Crusader Strike in single target situations. HotR in multi-target.
Now now, some people require more thought than others to get the same results we get....lol!
It is fairly safe to mindlessly smash HotR and remove crusader strike from your bar if you are willing to take a small loss to get closer to a super simple 1 button playstyle. Anyone can go to a targeting dummy and see just how little the difference really is.

With a fast tank weapon and the current +20% HotR bonus I think it is better even.

Realistically for CS and HotR to balance right HotR should do ~40-50% CS damage. HotR does more like 80-120% depending on gear/glyph/spec. Hopefully the new Wrath of the Lightbringer will raise CS to a more acceptable level compared to HotR.

But in general, the intent is for Crusader Strike for 1 target. HotR for 2 or more targets.

Before today's patch HotR actually hit harder than CS at low AP, ie in 5man. It's counter-intuitive, I know, but that doesn't mean it wasn't reality. Until Vengeance stacked high enough to push more AP, CS was never needed. This was not intended, so I don't know if an adjustment was made in 4.03a or not, but I assume at L85 we'll have enough AP where CS will hit harder than HotR baseline.

Read the tooltips to see the intent. Read your combat log to see what really happened.

Going forward, I expect HotR to be AOE combo-builder, CS single-target, as others said.
I didn't look at any numbers from raid, but with the flat buff to WotL CS should now be over HotR in single target damage, where it belongs.

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