Prot or Ret for leveling?


I have decided I may be rolling a Paladin alt for Cataclysm, and I wanted to get some advice before creating a character on leveling specs and gear choices.

The obvious choice would be Ret for leveling spec, but I have heard and seen a lot of Paladins that leveling with Prot is the faster and 'funner' option.

I currently own the 2 plate Heirloom items as well as the reaper, and was wondering what sort of weapons and shields to aim for if I am going to level as prot, the Aurastone hammer seems to be good choice for a weapon but I dont know what sort of weapon speeds or stats to look out for in general.

Any advice would be appreciated.
For protection, you generally want a slow weapon (which means higher damage per swing). This is because Crusader Strike, the single target component of Hammer of the Righteous, and Reckoning scale with weapon damage.

The Devout Aurastone Hammer is a caster weapon. It is nice for holy, not so much for protection. A good choice for protection would be the Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge.

Note that protection is not as weapon-dependent for soloing as retribution, since the majority of your damage scales with attack power and strength, not with weapon damage or weapon DPS. With the current heirloom weapon prices of 2.7k JP apiece you may well be better off just using whatever weapon you come across rather than spending days grinding out the justice points.

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