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So I played as holy pvp all through Wrath and enjoyed it and I hear holy is panning out quite well for pallys currently, ignoring all that though I think I would like to play some protribution pvp in cata. I was hoping to get some feedback on spec. I actually havent touched my pally in like 5 months as I dont have anything updated but have been doing a bit of research.

Here is my proposed build

For some reason it only seems to hold onto my prime glyphs when I link it so my major glyphs are going to be set to:

Focused Shield, Dazing Shield, and Ascetic Crusader

Please let me know if I should make some changes. At first I contemplated using the extra range on judgments but I figure if I use my shield as a gap closer then use seal of justice I shouldn't need ranged judgments. Let me know if I am wrong in that assumption.
protribution does not exist anymore

you can now officialy call it protection pvp. because it no longer relies on anything from ret tree to be viable. you can either choose the way of rated Bg warrior and go full on tank talents or go the way of mele and do DPS talents!
Ok I can see not picking up Seals of the Pure.

I dont really know about glyphing for the Insight though. I guess the crit chance on CS might be minimal as an alternative though. Other than that though, I suppose I am on the same line of thought as you for the most part.

EDIT: well the reason I thought it was called protribution was because it is prot spec wearing ret gear. I guess I could be wrong on that though.
meh i always saw it as a mix of both. but i now consider the gear as being benifical for both prot and ret so i see it as either prot gear or ret gear. with the coming rated bg's i've been thinking about experimenting with stam and resil gems to hit 1500 resil cap and pop in stam to be pretty much an unkillable flag carrier or defender.

there is just so many new things to try with prot in pvp!
Yes i do love the whole unkillable factor of the build. We are extremely frightening as is, then if you throw in a healer to back us and its just outright wrong. I really do like that aspect of the build.
prot is very viable now even with the word of glory nerf (Ill miss you Protector of the Innocent!). However, it's a much different story at 85. Mastery becomes a huge issue considering prot pvp has no use for it. This, coupled with the fact that mastery is on a lot of gear at 85 makes prot pvp a difficult sell as far as im concerned. Too many wasted stat points on a mastery talent that is more or less worthless in pvp. I can safely say most pvp'ers will be going ret or holy.
Well, if what you say is true guess Ill have to be practicing Ret or Holy in pvp.... I like how Prot is doing right now but yeah, with mastery on everything, that kinda leaves prot out in the cold unless you only focus on fighting in melee....
Well couldn't we just reforge the mastery away into something else???

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