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Guild Recruitment
<Retribution> is recruiting! We are the top Horde guild on Khaz Modan and we need some more spots filled to solidify our roster for Cataclysm. Retribution has been around since Vanilla WoW and takes raiding seriously and asks that anyone reading beyond this point has the same mindset as us.

Current Progression:
We stopped pushing for progression with 4.0 and decided just to raid for fun until cataclysm. We are still farming 11/12 heroic ICC, and RS. We love achievement fights so you should be the class of player who could do firefighter when it was current content, or the drake achievs to be one of the first on server to have them.

What we can offer :

Stability and Consistency. Retribution is a guild with almost five years of storied history and a player base that is dedicated to keeping our proud name.

Dedicated leadership with raiding experience and drive . We aim to push hard through progression and bring anyone with us who shares the same mindset.

An aggressive but flexible raiding schedule that offers weekends off . We raid Monday-Wednesday from 7pm-11pm Central (Server time).

100% guild-subsidized repairs. You cannot succeed without wiping, and we will get the bill after your 1 month(of raids) trial. Consumable subsidy is possible in certain cases, as our guild bank stock is never sparse.

Access to top progression. We aim to be a competitive guild, more so than ever in Cataclysm.

We live by the credo that you get what you put in. Performance above and beyond exceptional is recognized, and where possible, rewarded.

What we expect:

Consistency. Show up to every raid, on time. We expect 100% attendance requirement, and absenteeism/tardiness without emergency is frowned upon.

Awareness. Since group make up is key, DPS/Healing/Tanking should be par with the very best in the world. With that, output and situational awareness must be superb.

Preparedness. Showing up to raids with all raid required consumables, enchants, and buffs. This includes not only flasks, but the best gems and enchants available in every piece of gear, and enough DPS pots to pot once before the pull and once during the fight, for progression fights.

Knowledgeable. Have a sense of intelligence and awareness of current game mechanics and trends. Do you use spreadsheets? Do you frequent theorycrafting websites? The correct answer to both questions should be YES.

Stability. Maintain a consistently working computer and internet connection. If you experience low frame rate or high latency/disconnections in raids, you are not benefit to anyone in the raid. We view chronic computer issues as tantamount to poor performance and may cost you your raid spot quickly.

Criticism. As a member of an active progression guild, thick skin is a must. Since the common goal is to work together, there will be times in which your mistakes will be called out. Try and understand that you’re not being punished but asked to understand your mistakes and correct them.

At this time, we're currently considering all classes and roles with impressive apps, but specifically need a Holy Paladin, Rogue, Warlock and a Priest.

If you're interested visit http://www.retributionkm.com to apply or feel free to whisper anyone in the guild to be directed to an officer.

Thank you for your time!

-Cakro, Recruitment Officer for <Retribution>
wtb - a Warlock while you're still nerfed and you think you have nowhere to go!
Holy paladin need is still high!
If you did a 360 you'd be facing the same way.

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