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Are you prepared to face Deathwing, destroyer of continents, devourer of people and promiser of ponies? Or will you chicken out, as though an enginier had used a gnomish poultryizer on you and turned you into a chicken, one thats yellow.

What message do you have for Deathwing?

Seriously, though, I think I stiill have a few alts in Dalaran, and that's gonna be a pain.
My body is ready.
Dear Deathwing,

You have the fury of the rest of the Aspects behind us. Except for perhaps Malygos. He's just bat!#%% crazy. Good thing Kalecgos is taking his spot.

I'll probably have to murder you for what you did to Alexstraza.

I'll rip off your head and **** down your neck!
I bet 90% of the WoW player base had no idea who Deathwing was untill Cataclysm as annouced. Therefore I don't think the majority of players are anywhere near prepared for it. Let's put this into perspective.

Lich king. A bad ass right? Except Alexstraza put him in his place (kinda). 1 dragon aspect.

Deathwing. A nobody to many. Well, it took all of the dragon aspects to contain him and they BARELY succeeded.

inb4: You are not prepared.

To be honest, I didn't know who he was. I started playing Blizzard games with WoW: WotLK. I've never played Starcraft, Diablo, or and of the Warcraft RTS games. It didn't hinder my enjoyment though. It's fun to learn about the story of this game.
Meh. I've been ready since the end of BC (Wrath was not one of their better expansions).

Six years into this game, and finally old Azeroth got some love. Now, I sit here, waiting for my Cataclysm CE and to Race Change my long time Horde Hunter here to Worgen.


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