Taking care of business, 8 trades! not fun

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I make this thread to caution you, you might lose your mind ...

It all started at the AH. I needed a rod and there was only one posted and the person posted it for like 2k!! needless to say that put me in quite a bad mood and I logged off thinking maybe there will be a new one posted tomorrow. After a goods night sleep I logged in and went to the AH and looked. no luck still the same 2k gold rod.

Something hit me just as I started to cry over trade chat about how crazy prices where at the AH. for 2k gold I could just make a DK level it to 65 and burn the trade points and just make the rod.

So I did and it was easy I got the DK to 65 in two days, maxed blacksmithing in 4 & made the rod. then I thought ah well I might add leather working to this toon to.

It was pretty much over for me at that point. I started obsessing about trades and knowing a toon only needs to be 65 to max a trade made it even more tempting to keep making trade alts.

To this day I am a, Enchanter / jewelcrafter / engineer / Miner / blacksmith /leather worker / inscriber / tailor ...
& now I'm really thinking about making a Skinning / Herbalism. It's always something.
For your own good do not try this, it will become the only thing you do =/

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