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Post on Pilus Behalf (as he cannot post on the US forums)

"After a long work period of getting GHI completely up to code and running with 4.0, the beta of GHI have finaly ended. For the first time GHI is finaly bug free, with exception of minor known bugs. We have been working on bringing GHI to the next stage in both software quality aswell as support service.

The new version is available at curse.com http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/ghi.aspx

In addition to bug fixing GHI 1.0 have three main features:

  • A new buff system, which displays buffs in their own frame and minimizes problemswith other AddOns.

  • Equipment Display. A new interactive way of describing what items your character is wearing IC, such as rings, medals, insignias etc.

  • Area Sound and Buffs. It is possible to make sounds of an item be heard by players with GHI close to you. In the same way you can cast a buff on all players with GHI around you.

You can read more about the new features on our 1.0 feature page here: http://pilus.info/cms/home/10

Changelog for GHI 1.0
- Introducing a Equipment Display system. You can use this to describe what items your character wears.
- The Buff system have been rewritten. It should remove a lot of problems with other addons. It currently does not display GHI buffs for most Unit Frame addons
- It is now possible to tag your items as editable by others.
- The SimpleHTML Image tags can now be used in books to insert picures.
- Fixed a memory leak that occurs for FlagRSP users on high propulated realms.
- Fixed a bug which caused Random Expession to have a chance of repeating itself, when not intented to. (this needs retesting)
- "change creator to importing user" now works correctly when it is exported from another realm.
- Fixed some bugs which caused error when exporting an item.
- It is now possible to see the path of an icon by holding down shift while mouseover in the icon choose menu.
- Fixed a bug that caused a few icons in the bottom of each catagory to not be shown.
- It is now possible to scroll through the icon list.
- A inspect option have been added. You can enable the inspect cursor and see what kind of right click actions any item includes.
- Fixed player GUID errors
- Included 2000 new icons from cataclysm and some submitted to pilus.info.
- Blocked BN related functions.
- Uptimized the filters to catch more "No player named X is currently playing" messages.
- Added amount and delay arguments to buffs
- Implemented Area sounds and area buffs. You can enter a range on buffs / sounds and make it effect other GHI users within the range.
- Containers can now be moved around freely or be docked to their normal anchor
- All menus are now moveable by dragging them at their title bar.

I would like to thank all of those who have been helping with reporting bugs and testing. I would also like to thank the Gryphonheart Team that have helped transforming GHI from a one man project into a team project. We currently have a team of 10 people with different background taking care of different tasks in development and maintenance of GHI. We are currently looking for potential new team members to aid with the programming. See more at http://www.pilus.info/cms/team.

Best regards
Nifty. Very nifty. ...I lack anything more to say on the matter, but thanks so much for your work on this great add-on. :D
I have the AddOn, but the buff is having a bit of trouble.
It won't cast
It won't show/do effect like it said it would do.

So. Other than that, I love it.

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