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I have a funny feeling that they wont extend it today...

Me too, but I've been accused of magical thinking before.
I think it'll be up on time.
Supposedly it's all patched and they're just 'flipping a switch' but I'll say I bet the switch breaks.
Yeah, it'll probably be extended but to be fair they've been mostly good about sticking to their preposted times the past couple months. They even gave us a few weeks with no downtime at all.
I Vote: no ext main, I think there will be trouble getting on though because everyone trying to get on at once, including the ones calling in sick. :)
Are you kidding? With major patches they always have to extend it. I'm guessing a 99% chance it will be at least 1 hour longer than they say it will be (so 12 pm pst), and about an 80% chance it will be 2 or more hours longer.

Liklihood of them being done and ready at 11 am pst...........maybe .000000001%. I have a better chance of winning a million dollars than there is of them being done with maintenance at 11 am pst lol.

I don't see extending it today.

Much of the actual content of this patch (I'm going to bet almost all of it) was already in place before today. They're just flipping the switch today.
already was extended in the first place
Considering it was just a 29MB patch,and just flipping a switch to initiate the Cataclysm,I don't really see how or why they would extend it,I think the servers'll be up right on time.


If this was the case, why would they need the initial extended maintenance(2 hrs) in the first place?

Here, you can have this particle board. It's just as good as any wood ;)
Call me crazy but I think Blizz may finish when they say they will. In the old forum I read a blue post saying that most of the files they need for Cata was tucked into the massive 4.01 patch. This being said if I am not playing 2-3 hours after the initial "we will be done by" time I won't mind. BUT if the game is all funky , DCs come back and their are 50 new glitches to worry about like the cogwheel I might be a bit perturbed.

(50 is an exaggeration btw)
I predict that the maintenance will last 13 hours instead of 8.
Always expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed.
I don't think it'll go past 11.

I think they've gotten better at predicting when extended maintenance is needed, which is why they started it 2 hours earlier than usual.

Of course this doesn't take into account any unforeseen problems they might encounter with specific servers, which is always a possibility whenever you do maintenance on anything (and in fact is part of the reason regular maintenance is always advised).
Always expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed.
Can't Wait to get into game! yay~~
Noooo!! I need my WoW fix at least every 4 hrs. If I don't get it, I'll tear myself apart with rage. (Pain...Agony....)

I am also just a gamer not a computer programmer. I have no idea what any of this entails, most of us do not so lets just be patient drooling at the mouth people here and keep it civil

Kittens while you wait...

None of you understand, but they won't let us in while Deathwing is destroying everything. I think he's particularly detailed when it comes to burning every leaf on the trees he ignites.

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