where to level when cata hits?

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kind of a stupid question but I haven't been paying any attention to beta and I have not been playing much in the past 7 months so I was wondering...considering they're re-making a lot of the old zones, is there a new continent (or anything) that we will travel to in order to level? or do we level in the re-made areas? thanks
At 80, there'll be bulletin boards in Org and SW directing you to the next zones.
Goblins and Worgen are all new zones that won't be available until December 7th.
Trolls and Gnomes have new 1-5 zones.
Humans and Tauren have major changes to 1-5 zones.
Most races have significant zone changes starting at level 5-6. Nelf's are an exception. Their zone changes don't really start until Darkshore.
Dranei and Blood Elf 1-20 are pretty much unchanged.

Note that the level requirements for many zones have changed - e.g. Swamp of sorrows was a low-mid forties zone. Now it's a low 50's zone.
Ty :)

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