[A] Social/achieve guild: A Rancid bunch

A guild with heavy Christian values!
...Okay thats not true.
A guild with Hardcore PvP in mind
...eh, I geuss it depends on who your asking
Oh, I got it!
A guild, that enjoys simply being a guild,

As a social guild, we are deep into Achieve hunting, and doing anything the game can offer, we've got Chefs, Kingslayers, fishermen, and even Gnomes!

We're currently looking for casual players, with personality. From your classless Trade trolls, to people that are constantly in Battlegrounds. If theres an aspect of the game you enjoy, we've got members who will also be doing the same thing, a fun guild for leveling in, and progressing in. PST or mail Dracnus in game for more info.

now..to wait for the game to come back up :<

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