Hammer of Wrath Producing Additional Threat

Just want to see if anyone else has noticed this. Was doing an undying run yesterday with our MT (so there was no overgearing going on). I would hit a 32k TV and my threat would go up by what you'd expect. Then i'd pop wings and hit like a 24k HoW and my threat would just skyrocket.

Anyone else noticing this or was I just imagining things? Wasn't just from vegeance at the start because i started saving wings for later on and my threat would go go through the roof when I started throwing out HoWs.

Another idea that just came to mind is it could just be that wings makes you produce additional threat. Anyone else notice this behavior?
Well yeah, more damage = more threat.

Once the tank gets into a rotation, and depending on vengeance falling off or not, his threat is going to be fairly stable. You popping wings or zealotry is going to cause a spike in your DPS, and consequently threat, which will allow you to catch a tank.

Keep in mind that ticks and MD are temporary now, and threat has significantly changed from the way it was for most of Wrath.

If it's a big problem then just use Salvation as a filler to your CS on the global before you start to use your cooldowns.
salvation is a huge help in that situation. If you know you are gonna spike your DPS with wings then you want to pop salv too
I don't think you guys are getting the point. S/he said a 32k Templar's Verdict. And a 24k Hammer of Wrath. The Templar's Verdict should have caused more threat than the Hammer of Wrath did. However, your auto attack could have played a role in that if it lined up with your HoW going off. It does seem a bit odd that a weaker attack would cause higher threat than a stronger one, by a good margin. Specially since neither have any special modifiers to them toward threat.

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