If I go Tauren, What will I lose?

DO I lose my Paladin mounts? Do I lose any rep? Do I lose any quests completed? Do I have to redo certain chains?

What about my Blood Elf Paladin tabard?
You lose the tabard. The tabard is blood elf exclusive.

Currently the only exception is when you change to a draenei you get it replaced by Tabard of the Hand.
I'm assuming you're blood elf paladin mount will be replaced by the tauren versions, rep will remain the same, and quest related things will not change.

As for your tabard, I think you keep it as I have a friend that changed from draenei to human and kept the tabard you get from a draenei only quest.
I would assume the only thing you would lose besides the tabard, is the race specific paladin mount.

Tauren Paladins get their own paladin class mount, sunwalker kodo or something like that.
So if your human and you go Cow , what do you lose i know its a lot more different then switching within the same faction, I know its something with the Tourtament i would love to know because im exaulted with them already =/
There are detailed lists of what you lose and what gets changed on the race/faction change pages. Go read them up.
You will lose your dignity and your dashingly good looks.
god dang it you beat me to it was gonna say that sweet hair...
You lose the excessive amounts of estrogen.
You will lose your dignity and pride :)
you lose the most overpowered racial in the mana starved 85 world
you lose the most overpowered racial in the mana starved 85 world
Blood Knight Tabard will be turned into a "Guild Tabard".

All quests will remain the same excluding any Argent Crusade quests. Those will be reset. You will not lose any pets this way, and mounts will be converted even if the reps for the area no longer meet the buying requirements.

The following Paladin only mounts will change to the following

Thallassian Warhorse - Sunwalker Kodo
Thallassian Charger - Great Sunwalker Kodo
What happens to the Argent Charger? Argent Kodo perhaps?
The tabard and your mount will be changed, and the capacity to wear a helm and still look cool (personal opinion).

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