♫things will never be the same♫

There were phone trees for the green dragons, keeping them on lockdown so nobody else could have them. There were endless quiet evenings hiding in the halls of Blackrock Mountain, waiting for some innocent clothie on his way to BRD or LBRS. There were the grand melees over the tower standing proud between Southshore and Tarren Mill. There were epic, tooth-gnashing, heartbreaking endbosses, from Ragnaros to Kel'thuzad. There were quests where nobody quite believed you (seriously, %%!% the treasure maps in Tanaris), and items so rare that the internet thought they were a joke (goddammit, why did I have to roll a 13 on the US first Deathcharger's Reins?). There were quiet moments of contemplation, peals of amazed laughter, and frustration at dying yet again to the guardians of the Blood of Heroes. There were endless grindy nights stealthing through the demon caves in Winterspring, mining the Rich Thorium and wondering occasionally what lay through that blue portal. There were the epic battles with Chinese gold farmers in Tyr's Hand and Azshara (you no kill Darge!). There was epic drama, of all sorts. There were trolls, both mundane and awesome (No, we're not leaving Mal'ganis. Really, we're not.). There were reputations forged, and reputations shattered in the crucible of Ahn'Qiraj. There was Warsong Summer and the amazing rivalries, the matches where both sides dropped 1000g worth of consumables and all the marbles came down to a banish proc from a Judge's Gavel. There were epic Alterac Valley matches, where you went to sleep, logged back in, and queued into the same battle you left. There were the endless circles in Un'goro Crater, hoping nobody else murdered the Devilsaur before you managed to solo it (with pots and cooldowns and a little luck from fearbreaks) and scored that sweet 8g Devilsaur Leather for yourself. And that's not the half of it.

But most of all, there were friends. Those friends were there six years ago, are here tonight, and will be there tomorrow, and though Azeroth itself may change, they'll be there.

Here's hoping that we can all forge as many wonderful memories in the new world as we found in the old.
Well said.
Well said.
Well said.
Some Mal'Ganis history I found in a .txt file...

Character Facts

  • Krug, Skru and the other orc warriors of Aftermath are all real life friends and body-builders.
  • Liloqui has met and dated several players from Mal'Ganis. (Tasteful) Nude pictures of her have also been leaked onto the forums and community.

  • Goon Squad member Stonewall is expected to reach level 80 by 2012

  • Gurgthock, while having quite the manly presence in game, lacks a manly vent voice.

  • Thoren/Thorren was one of the earliest level 60 characters on Mal'Ganis and perhaps the first fully leveled character to be deleted to reroll on the opposite faction. He went from Human Paladin to Orc Rogue.

  • There used to be a Black Girl who played a Female Orc Rogue named Furies. (All of those combinations on WoW is like having the planets align.)

  • Stronger was the first Chinese farmer to outgear 90% of the server.

  • Dankowski the Guild Master of Goon Squad only makes female blood elf characters (Besides his first character.

  • Gaybee was once named Raffa

  • Barlow is Mal'Ganis' greatest rags to riches story. He grinded from greens to High Warlord epics. He also once tanked an <Extreme> AQ20 run as a dual wielding marksman hunter. He has since left the server but keeps a placeholder alt in the Grunticus Brotherhood. He now plays on the realm Nazjatar.

  • Ganadar, former GM of Sword of Storms, has grinded to HIgh Warlord twice. He took dueling so seriously that once after losing he had to go to the hospital for punching his wall and fracturing his wrist.

  • Ganadar kept an Alliance alt during the 05-06 permagroup grinds, before the BG's were cross-server. He would login to it after he lost to explain why he was still better than you.

  • Wubwub discovered the glitch were you could get 1,000 DK's and purchase Warlord gear

Guilds Facts

  • Tommyd betrayed his men and the mercenaries who fought for him when he ninja'd Quarantine's guild bank and teamed up with the vile Alliance succubus Chiroptera/Rakee to form a new guild called Creep, which they rule together as King and Queen.

  • There are at least 4 female players in competitive Horde raiding guilds recieving the Legendary Ulduar healing mace. I will not mention them due to incitable drama.

  • Serious Casual is a guild almost entirely of ElitistJerks.com donors and their family/friends.

  • Unless sponsored, Goon Squad Members have payed $10+ at some point that allowed them to join the guild. It is a guild you must pay to enter by buying an account on the somethingawful forums.

  • Another running joke in Goon Squad is the fact that people have to pay to join the guild. While true, it is highly exaggerated to poke fun at Serious Casual, a guild formed completely by people donating money to EJ forums.

  • Most of Elitist Jerks' members come from the same forum community as Goon Squad

  • Giant Censored Robots was once named Giant Communist Robots. The guild originates from Shacknews.

  • Alliance as a whole on Mal'Ganis are either completely incompetent or incredibly elitist. Unless you are a competitive raider, they won't even grace your whispers with a response. Good riddance Casual/Exordium pricks.

  • Grunticus and Rack form the Grunticus Brotherhood. Grunticus is in fact an extremely successful businessman from Switzerland.

  • The guild Keen Formation had it's original leaders delete their characters and reroll Alliance. Other members rebuilt the guild. It lasted as a raiding guild until Mulack and Allaphon had differences with the Guild Leader, and created splinter guild Fated Succession.

  • Goon Squad is the first Horde Guild worldwide to kill their own faction leader Thrall.

  • If your guild did not implement a 24 hour call list during AQ green dragon farming, you were not getting loot. If you pissed off Gurgthock or EJ while they were delegating who got there first, you also were not getting loot. Or you spawned the biggest PvP event in Mal'Ganis history, and no one got loot.

  • Clan VXIX, despite popular belief, is actually Clan 519. Named for the area code in Oklahoma where a great deal of the members were from.

Very nice facts!
Almost all of those are incorrect bad rumors spread by bad guilds
Almost all of those are rumors spread by Thorren

Fixed that for you.
This is Ayle and I approve this message.
There is a lot of truth in that post
Fact: Blarnay used to be part of the greatest 2v2 team
I love you guys
Why no mention of Elflord?
I can confirm this post and the facts contained therein.

I have returned to turn the tides of Mal'Ganis in favor of the mighty Alliance.
Inb4 deleted for mentioning a certain female player.
01/20/2011 12:35 AMPosted by Octopisia
I can confirm this post and the facts contained therein.

I have returned to turn the tides of Mal'Ganis in favor of the mighty Alliance.

I like the sound of this.
Getting you all hot and bothered am I.
Ever since the character recustomization.

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