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Wyrmrest Accord
Well, if you thought this was another "zomg the server iz down I R need my WoW crack..ect ect." topic, well that would be a wrong assumption. As I have never really formerly introduced myself to the WrA community since joining it about ten months ago, I figured this would be a perfect time to do so since I'm looking at another five hours of not much to do, and this would help myself get to know who I'm fighting for and against. So, I'll start with myself as a player.

I started playing WoW about 5.5 years ago on the Shadow Council realm when it actually had a descent RP community, where being an MC Raider was actually something you bragged about and having 4 pieces of a tier set meant you were respect worthy. Obviously, first character was a mage that started out in Winds of Fate, never really knew what RP was and kinda was introduced and sucked into it and have been a fan of all aspects, RP, PvP, and Raiding, since joining them. When the guild fell apart, shortly after 2.0, I decided "Hey, I want a Shaman" and swapped sides to the Horde. I got into the lore quite a bit, but the intrest seemed highly PvP involved, then...BC came out, and we got the mad rush of Blood Elves, which I sadly joined. The RP dwindled, if there was any, well...let's just say there's a reason Silvermoon is known as Cybermoon... To make a long story short, I raided vaguely through Kara and a few others, until WotlK came out then once Lore was released on what the Horde is to become, I quickly turned my head in disgust and returned to my roots of the Alliance. Amazingly, my return to Alliance paid off extremely well, despite my guilds name as it's really just a big SW's reference focused on raiding, and within a few months, heh actually gained a love for raiding again as we killed the Lich King.

As far as an RPer, I'm probably worse than the Elitest Raiders that use Gearscore for determining skill, and worse than the Hardcore PvPers that own every Arena title known to the game in the way that I've matured as an RPer throughout many years and fought hard in ShC to hold a formidable community and watch it diminish to cybering...to just...non-existant.
I believe that Lore has boundaries and live by the well known phrase of "Don't CotH on me Bro" So, unfortunatley, you won't be seeing any of my characters with mass amounts of titles that they spam your screen on MRP, or characters that are secretly demons or dragons, or a human that's really "X" creature or race. So unfortunately, I can be a real pain in the arse when it comes to RP, it's like my own personal reputation system, starting off a neutral and depending on things, can go up or down.

Raiding...well, I have love and hate for it. I prefer to do things the old school way of learning mechanics and then using strategies that best fit the players in the raid, not use someone elses from say Tank Spot. Second, Gearscore me...and I'll probably just walk away. I've seen people in highend gear suck, and I've seen people in level 80 blues do awesome because they understand thier classes mechanics and have something called Raid Awareness. Gearscore can't tell you how many times they've stood in fire or how many times they've killed other raid members by not moving away. Three, I'm a casual raider...2-3 nights a week and I'm a happy camper, 4-6 nights...we're talking too much. We each have lives outside the game, that's too much time in one place for me. Hoenstly, I know guilds like Incite and all are great, and have alot of accomplishments, but was the time that you delved into it really worth a 10 point achievement?

PvP, I know my class is all I can say really. I know my class and I understand that winning BG's 4.5 years ago is no different than now, just maybe have a reinforcement counter or a BG timer. Communication, Strategy, and Teamwork...and zerging is never a reliable tactic.

In any case, I hope that I wasn't too blunt on things, but perhaps others will reply with such information.
*hugs* welcome to Wyrmrest accord.
Even a round-ear mage is welcome. *smile*
Bloody glitchy Firefox... Ignore this double post.
Well hello there! I hope you enjoy our server!

If you don't mind me asking but...

Why'd you title the thread as you did? :-P
*leg humps* O sorry welcome to the server ^_^
I entitled the post as I peered at the login screen and saw that the servers won't be up until 8pm EST and I was like -facepalm- Even after dealing with the dreaded 2.0 patch and being forced onto Moonguard for the day as ShC was down all day, somehow I still seemed surprised by this...I was looking forward to my continued In Character Fishing trip in the -new- world...
ooh! I like you.
Welcome aboard. I haven't had much RP experience Alliance-side, but Horde-side RP isn't bad at all on this server. At least, not from my personal experience. Hope your stay is a good one.
I blame my authenticator. Went to log in and the last three digits were 9-1-1 !!
Welcome aboard, I haven't had the chance to test alliance side RP, however Horde side's RP is okay so long as you take it with a grain of salt. But the more the merrier, glad to see some other lore na-zi's. (>> darn filters.)
Welcome to the best RP server since Moonguard!

...ok, Im biased. lol
-facepalm- If this is even reletive to the "Sever that shall not be named because saying it breaks about five hundred laws against RP" then I will have to see about getting a refund on that character transffer...
Hey hey hey, we trolls not be part o dis' "where de Horde be goin', an neidah be de Tauren. We jus' holdin' on an waitin fo' de slakjaw ta get hit by a arrow.


Besides, epic storylines of political strife are epic. :D

ANYWAY, welcome to the server and have some cookies. As this is my Horde server, you will only be 'red is dead' to me unless you have a assasination/thivery/etc job for the Obsidian Blade. Where we are so neutral we roflstomp BOTH sides! :D

As for the east coast thing, I feel ya. I'm sitting on the east coast myself. /sigh

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