What're you doing while you wait?

Moon Guard
While waiting for 5pm PST (soon to be extended, let's just be honest) what will you be doing?

Aside from my usual papers/studies, I'm going to be watching Wakfu from start to finish in the original French.
I'm working on my project for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lit.

Three weeks before I need to present it to the class for my final, and I need to keep the plot moving forward and get it wrapped up.

And Biololgy at 6 server.
Sleeping, just sleeping.

And food, food good for Orc.
I'm playing Fable 3 and gonna watch the second Harry potter movie, because Vig never really got to watch them, so I told him he must watch them with me.

Other than that, might play League of Legends and Touhou Project. Screw writing my essay today, because I don't have class tomorrow and I only have to rewrite like 3 sentences in the final draft. \o/
I was going to skip my classes from 2-5, guess not now
Hangin' ten on the forums. -surfs by- Woo!
Listening to login music then watching tv,.... WHY IS THERE NOTHING GOOD ON?!
Pox Nora.

Watching Kenshin.

Enjoying lazying about on my birthday.

House work. Yuck.
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is awesomesauce.

MAkes me want to log on my rogue and try to kill stuff from ledges.
New Vegas.
Varendil just got home.

Bow chicka bow wow.
Make a pizza pie.
Dinner with the fam, and then reading A Storm of Swords.
Watching dr who season 5 - Im actually getting into the new doctor and companion.

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