What're you doing while you wait?

Moon Guard
Dr. Who as well. And Sleep.
Team Fortress 2 and maybe Starcraft 2 if the mood suits me. Otherwise, browsing forums, eating a light dinner (had a big lunch due to my mother's birthday), then heading out for my evening in Calculus. HOPEFULLY, the game will be up by then. If not, I will cry. Then go back to play more TF2.

And English essay.
Probably going to play LoL... watch tv.

Send an email to my history teacher and hope I'm not screwed this semester.
Whining mostly..
Studying, trolling my guild forums and wondering what to make for dinner. And that nap of course.
watching the new harry potter movie on bootleg :]
I'm making a tart. Then I'm going to play with my new Wacom tablet I got for my birthday. I'm not really sure how I was illustrating without one before.
I blame Deathwing.
Rocking back and forth in the fetal position...
Rock Band!
I woke up maybe 15 minutes ago, to an awesomely painful cramp in my stomach region. I can either go back to bed to attempt to ease my current pained fatigue, or sit around with nothing to do but play video games and resist the urge to punch myself in the stomach.
Alternating between listening to music (listening to In Flames - Disconnected right now) and talking to an old pal of mine on vent.

Like others in this thread, I really don't believe the servers will be back up by 5pm PST.
Wow..Double Post.
Working at home (office is closed due to snow. WTF I live in Seattle), and trolling the forums of course.
Going crazy. I want to play my dwarf warlock now. :(

There are going to be multiple variations of this reply soon I can feel it, stop glitching on me, forums.

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