I can make a troll druid now ?

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Want to make sure before I do anything.
I mean by doing a paid race change.
No, paid race changes to the new combos won't be available until Cata launch.
How about race and faction changes? Will I be able to change my Mage from Human to Dwarf right when it comes out? Or will we have to wait a certain period of time before the new race options become available?
TC: They'll be able to do that right away. So for any of the combos that are available, we currently expect players to be able to do the race change into those as soon as The Shattering happens.
I was wondering what a gnome starter pet would be but no such luck lol
"Paid Race Change to the new class combos will be available as soon as they are available to create (with the release of 4.0.3a)

This is an update to the previous expected functioning of this service. We're in the process of ensuring everyone here has this latest updated information, just know that this is what's now accurate. :)"

My paid race change is already pending. Just gotta wait for the servers to come back up. : /
Well then I stand corrected!

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