Trolling when maitenance gets delayed?

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Ok people. Usually there is a great population that gets upset when patches cause problems and things don't go as planned. They whine and complain about them not being able to play a game they pay real money for. They also get super bored and spam the forums will crappy post about nothing Well this post is for you.

Blizzard is a multi billion dollar company which most people could never fathom being able to run. They work very hard to make its community base happy, but hoping for 100% uptime and simply not going to happen. Problems occur and they do their best to keep running. Complaining and trolling the forums for then entiredy of the downtime is not coming to fix anything. You just delay blizz longer from fixing the problem. YES, you pay money for the game and you want to play it all you can. But people refuse to realize that when you bought the game and payed the monthly subscription you agreed to everything the Terms of Service has said which 99.9% of people never read. Blizzard does not have to re-inburse you for loss of game time. When they do, they do it out the generosity of their harts and no one every thanks them for that.

Everyone just needs to be patient and wait. If you have a question about something, go ahead and use the search function up above. I have answered about 20 diffenrt questions today all asking the same thing either about race change questions or faction changes or quest me guys it all there. We have blue posts and stickies for a reason. Also remember that Blizzard is not going to respond to every single person post even if you think typing "Blizzard" in the the post will do so.

Thank you for reading my post and hope to see you online in the new Zeroth.
Well said.
yes very well said but that doesnt take away from the fact ppl are mad because there haveing problems with something that has been working fine in the PTR. servers are not that hard to repair. a server mind you is just like a PC it has OS and programs you cant completely reformat and reinstall the OS and programs and have them live in 2 to 3 hours time. not 14 hours. i understand that problem arise. thats why all servers have back ups to avoid this problem

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