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Here is mine.

Dear Greatfather Winter, I've been fairly nice (helped a tank get through his first heroic) and a bit naughty (ganked some lowbies and that thing with Jaina) this year. I've even kept my QQ'ing and epeening to a minimum. That said, here's what I would like to see under the tree this year. I'm sure the Blizzard developers can help you out getting some of this, although I think they're a wee busy at the moment.

1) Tier 12 and tier 13 engineering helm plans. Everyone looks cooler in goggles!
2) A rare elite mob that gets fished from a pool. I find the possibility of my dinner trying to kill me very funny.
3) My tabard can teleport me and my pet can run errands. Please give me a shirt that can passively increase my crafting skill and reduce my crafting times.
4) If #3 is just asking for too much, then give me a shirt that changes my /dance to the chicken dance instead of my racial dance. Yeah you know the one!
5) Priest flight form. Wings and all!
5) A chicken vanity pet that changes my /dance to the chicken dance when I have the chicken pet targeted. Ya know, in case I don't get the shirt. (see #4)
6) A new craftable epic wand.
7) A fix for the water levitation bug.
8) A magical lamp with a genie that transports me to Uldam. Everybody loves to rub lamps!
9) A disc priest talent to let them spec into fist weapons (dreaming).
10) A shadow priest talent to let them spec into one-handed swords (more dreaming).
11) The Black Sabbath box set.

My list is kinda lame. Let's see some other peoples!

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