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Hey all, I started loving the Warcraft story when my friend actually had me starting to read a little about it and looking up everyone important to lore on a few sites and telling me about them. (Then, naturally, I began looking up everyone.. not just well-known leaders and so forth.) I have to say, Sylvanas and Garona are still my favorite characters -- Jaina is up there as well, among others.

I have a few questions.. I have to wonder, since Garona was last known to be held in the Twilight Highlands, will we get to see her in-game (With a NEW, correct model, that is.) anytime soon? I assume we'll see her in the Twilight Cult raid since she has a little score to settle with Cho'gall since he was after her son and wants her in general since she is a pretty powerful rogue that even lived through Medivh's attack. Fighting Yogg, we kind of gather he manipulated her in to killing the king... Correct? I assume we'll see new heroes (technically old ones story wise.. but new in-game) actually doing stuff in the game, like Jaina probably actually fighting.

My other question is About the Tirisfal Council. I realize we are playing WoW and the story isn't exactly told within the game without the help of books or what not, but what is the council up to right now? Last I remember, they were busy with the Tirisfal area for some reason.. Something "hidden" beneath the earth if I recall correctly? Regardless, what are they up to in general, esp. since deathwing is about? I know Garona's son is mixed up in something, but what exactly? His caretaker is with him... but it just makes me wonder. Jaina is active in that council right now (has been, technically), so what is she working on?

Also, I don't know if a blue post will read this or what not, but please consider adding a "library" in game. Vet players, esp. those in to the story in general deserve to read the books when we are not in raids, pvping, waiting on a queue, etc.. It would be really neat to actually be able to read lore in-game. Just a suggestion (Since suggestion forums aren't up! From what I seen at least.. ;P)

Anyhow, any insight to these questions would be amazing, and I thank you in advance if I don't respond right away.

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