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I am frustrated, myself and millions of others generate what roughly 200 million dollars a month in revenue for this game. Game time is not stopped when the servers are down, thats my first issue. I pay for 30 days of access to a game I should get 30, not 28, or 29, ...30. With server downtime I am NOT getting 30 days. Secondly, with all this money that is generated why are bugs like the Internal bag error for Northern Spices continuing on for weeks at a time with no fix??? What am I and millions of others paying for? Is it that hard to properly test something before you release it to the public? Take your time instead of rushing out crap programming. You ask me to be patient and it is wearing out. With the new MMO for star wars coming out I wont be suprised when many others to include myself cancel our accounts and change games. Give us what we pay for Blizzard thats all I am asking.

Reality check, go check the financial statements for the company, moron. Revenue =/= Profit. Operating expenses are high enough already. If you want to know where the money is going I suggest you go check the Activision Blizzard website and download their annual report. It is public.
Honestly was not a troll sorry if you took it that way, and to my knowledge I am a customer.....I am unhappy where else should I express my frustration with a game yes I have played for 4 years. Maybe my expectations were higher than what is possible. But some of the answers here made me feel better and thank you. And yes your right about mentioning and I wont mention it again name game, I was frustrated and upset, having played for such a long time it is very frustrating when you do have game issues and you turn to GM's and all you get is a , we are sorry for the inconvience,,,,,,,,,,,,, you want to be helped. Thats why you asked for it. And hearing that so many times is frustrating. Some piece of gear or something you worked for was not had because of a game error yada yada yada most of us have been there. I still feel wow could be better than what is given, and so do the developers or we wouldn't get expansions. Ty for the education on some of the technical end and for your real answers, the rude ones can take a walk though.

They are trying to help you but would you rather they put in a patch that actually fixed bugs or created more? At the end of the day Blizzard does a damn fantastic job. I work with actual software and other online vendors and it is not uncommon for a bug correction patch to take months. You get it in a few weeks at most. You should only be so lucky anywhere else.

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