Stuck at 27.8 MB to go downloading 350MB+

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The launcher is stuck at "Total Download remaining: 27.8 MB, but the launcher has already downloaded 150 MB+ (and still going) with no end in sight.

The connection info window shows 14.5 GB of 14.6 GB (99%)

Any idea what is going on? Restarting changed nothing. (except reset the "Downloaded" total.)

The "Play" button is lit up on the launcher, but if I push it, the launcher closes and an Error #134 pops up.

Please help.

EDIT: now up to 350MB. I'm stopping it, I'm on Verizon EvDO, and I can't really get 3.2G.
As above, only I don't even have the 'play' button lit; the Launcher still thinks it's in the Setup phase.

EDIT: However, paranoid person that I am, I keep killing the Launcher every time it goes over 28MB.
Same here! Stuck at 27,3MB on BOTH computers.
Same here
Curious. They only pushed 29mbytes starting this morning.

Not sure why you got extra download. When was the last time you were online? Maybe you are getting some of the other quick fixes over the past week.

FYI: They did just push a very small update to the update, but it was almost instantly downloaded so can't tell its size. Probably not more than a mbyte.

[Opps! Something Broke! You can blame Deathwing for this.... is getting old, fast.]
I'm at the same point although at this point I've downloaded 3.2 gigs of data.
I'm at the same point although at this point I've downloaded 3.2 gigs of data.
I am having the same problem.
I was online last night until about 9:00pm PST
I am also experiencing this.
I'm having the same issue. I've download 3.2 gigs at this point.
I'm at the same point although at this point I've downloaded 3.2 gigs of data.

When was the last time you played wow? Today's update wasnt nearly that big.
I also have this problem.
Same issue here. Started writing a post before this one came up:
Same problem says i have 22 megs to go and have downloaded a total of about 70
I have been stuck at 27.5 MB
The forums are acting all silly for me, I think I posted this already, but I was playing for a few hours last night, and everything was fine.
28 mb to go

setup 1.8/2.1

downloaded a total of 1.2gb in the last 15mins or so.
15.3 of 15.4gb downloaded.. so.. i guess its redownloading the entire thing?
I was initially stuck at 27.8mb, downloaded about 50mb of data and thought something was strange, so cancelled it, it has now gone all the way to 6.3mb left and downloaded another 50mb in limbo.

Problem is, which some of you don't have to deal with, is some of us Australian's are on small download limits so patches are nasty as it is, and myself is even in a worse position as I am on wireless internet which costs me about 4 cents per MB, so you can imagine my pain when patches get stuck :o

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