Tauren or Blood Elf? The real answer.

Many people are asking if they should stay BF or go Tauren. Here is my point of view on this.

Healer: BF
Tank: Tauren
Ret: Either

Healers benefit more from been a BF more than a tank. A tank generates mana in different ways. Many people say silence/mana reg > AEO casted stun. In a way agree with this but from a tank point of view AEO casted stun > silence/mana regen. As Paladin tanks we have AS with talents that refresh CD's. HW that AOE stuns and glyph that makes it hit elementals something we will see a lot in cata. Plus cow gives you extra HP.

So that been said AEO casted stun, HW makes it back to back stuns and with AS thats a silence right there.
Please use the other one seems forum did a double post.
Or you can go with what Blizzard wants you to go off of. The cosmetics, lore, and personal choice of the races. Why? Because the racials can always change and make a very small impact on what the game really is about.
Well I am fulltime tank and just pay for my race change! woot woot!

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