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Guild Recruitment
Full Spectrum is an LGBT, gay friendly Alliance guild on the Alleria server.

Do you have to be gay to join? Nope! You'll find most people in the guild are LGBT, but we only ask that you be supportive and comfortable around other LGBT folk.

What we have to offer:
  • A guild where you can be yourself!

  • We believe that guild comradery is best when the guild is small to medium sized, so we'll be keeping it that way. This presents a nice alternative to the large LGBT guilds on Proudmore with thousands of members.

  • Many of us like to raid, so we'll be doing some of that at 85. If enough are interested, we'll form some set 10 man raiding groups.

  • A fun, comfortable guild environment that's laid back and casual.

  • An active group of players who sign on for 10 mans, pvp and general fun outside of raids

  • An active leadership who is open to suggestion

  • Apply at our website:

    All applications are private. We will accept mains, alts, rerolls, and everything in between.

    E-mail fullspectrumguild@gmail.com or contact Glokta in-game.

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