New Pets

Please don't flame me about this I've tried to find out myself but cant.

So my questions are.

1. Have the new pets been put into the game today?

2. If so are they tamable?
Yes they are. Check out Petopia. The only unavailable pets are the ones found in the Goblin/Worgen starting areas and the 81-85 zones. Otherwise they should be in-game.
Petopia rocks
It's a really good resource
Go check it out bro
Thank You :D

Monkey with a mining pick here i come.
Indeed! I'm aiming for both a mining pick monkey and a color-change monkey. Along with a fox or two, a demon dog and a mastiff.

Oh, and Winna's Kitten. I already have a Wetlands raptor named Cringer, but I'm gonna have to rename him now... there's only one proper name for a green kitty with yellow stripes and no armor.

My stable will be quite full pretty soon!
Thank You :D

Monkey with a mining pick here i come.

Ha! That's the very first thing I did too!! :)
I tamed Kri, Princess and Chromaggus already. Need to tame a fox.. dunno which, a sea gull, and umm.. dunno.
I logged in and found out that my scarlet hyena I tamed a while ago from SM has turned into a mastiff! I had never been interested in getting one of those, but after taking the boy out for a walk, I couldn't help myself but d'aaaw at him.

I seriously want Chromaggus, I never wanted any corehound before but he's <3 <3 <3!!

I'll eventually grab a shale spider and maybe Gaxx since you can tame it again. I'll have to see about any demon dog but that's about it. I already have Nuramoc (named ManiMani (brownie points to whoever gets the reference)) and Grubthor (Jim) to make me happy.
I tamed a seagull, monkey with a pickaxe, black fox, a green helboar (from Shadowmoon Valley), rock crab from Dustmallow, and going to tame the blue rune dogs from Borean Tundra.
Watch out for mining pick monkey; he has no autoattack atm.
I spent a few hours getting the new models of Duskstalker and Shadowclaw. Getting to Darnassus with the change in boat routes was tricky now that they have level 85 guards.
What level do you have to be to tame and how is it done? And do I have to be a Hunter or can anyone tame them. I have looked all over and have not found anything that tells me if and when I can. I was given a core hound when I got my security but have not found a way to train him to get him past a level 1. If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it. Thank you..
You're talking about Battle Pets and Companions, Ziluna

That's the appropriate forum for such.

And this is an external site with info on different pets, battle pets, where and how to obtain them and such.

Also, make sure to check the date of the thread in which you're posting in. This one is from 2010! :o
Thank you Leorina .. exact info is tough sometimes to find. Yeah, I was a little tired when I wrote my post last night. I do appreciate you answering it. :)

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