Prot Pallys no longer "unhittable"?

This imo was always our greatest asset as a Pally tank. Is this too now gone? If I read the changes to Holy Shield correctly we will no longer be able to reach the Avoidance Cap 100% of the time. With current changes we may not even be able to hit it burning CD type abilities.

I don't understand why Blizzard is taking away all the things that make Protection Paladins unique. Are we War-a-dins now?
I for one like this new change. I'll be much happier in T13-14 content when I reach block cap again with 40% BV than I am now with 30%.
First of all, unhittable/avoidance has nothing to do with block. Block is damage reduction, that you will want to balance in conjunction WITH your avoidance.

To address your actual concern:

I consider this a good change.

Instead of your block % being based on a proc, (which can fall off, takes time/holy power to activate, etc) Holy shield now makes it so that you block for more when you do block.

This means that your passive block % chance is your complete chance, so you can gear for a hard cap instead of a soft cap including a holy shield additional % chance factored in (that won't always be there).

At lower gear levels, yes, this probably will make it harder to hit block cap, but at higher levels of gear (more mastery) I think pallies will be able to fine tune their gear to sit right at block cap to make every hit taken a block.
Being "unhittable" means never taking white damage. The incomming physical damage is always mitigated by some form, not limited to but yes, including Block. Changing the mechanics of Holy Shield effectively reduces our collective "avoidance" by 30%, 100% of the time.

Provided you keep HS up 100% of the time, obviously.
Well we might with avoidance (reforged for mastery) trinkets and BiS gear but for the average paladin...nope.

I completely reforged my gear to hit 54expertise and traded out parry/stam gems for expertise/stam gems and plan to replace all the other avoidance/stam gems with pure stamina.

I feel freed from the yoke of having to block cap. I can also now work on getting that PVP weapon i have been wanting (but couldnt pick up due to the avoidance loss).

In my current gear with HS up I was unhittable, hit capped and at 54 expertise with food buff and self buffs. Just really feeling kicked in the teeth atm.
I just did H Gundrak after the patch and wow do I feel screwed. Previously, under the 102.4 rule I was able to get to 99.xx with HS up.

Not capped, but close enough that I could do my job in heroics and hopefully get back to 10-man raiding.

Now, I'm at 91.xx and the healer had problems adjusting to my being squishy.....

I really don't think that Blizz though this one out properly. I get that a person in 277 should be in the best possible shape. But someone who went 11/12 in ICC 10 wearing a mix of 251/264 shouldn't be having problems with single groups of mobs in WOTLK Heroic content.
But someone who went 11/12 in ICC 10 wearing a mix of 251/264 shouldn't be having problems with single groups of mobs in WOTLK Heroic content.

Considering that only the bosses are tuned for heroic diffculty, mobs stay the same difficulty sooo yeah i'd say something is wrong.
I am going to be hitting around 95% with full raid buffs. 10% difference really isn't that big of a deal.
its a limited boost to your Threat if your hittable.
Because of the way one of the talents work.

If you're referring to Holy Shield mechanics that was changed in 4.0

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