The hEros of Thanatos >recruitment<

We are mainly comprised of rl friends and long time members. We are a laid back, have fun, raiding guild that originally transferred from The Underbog about a year ago. We don't treat WoW as a job and don't expect full out "applications" to join us. We treat this as a game, but a game in which we want to progress. So, anyone can join but you won't be promoted to raider or anything higher unless you prove to be reliable and know what you are doing when it comes to progressing, aka: raiding and etc.
Our raiding group will be 10 man made out of core/reliable/good members.
The guild overall currently has 48 characters. We don't care if you join and do your own thing but bank privileges, raiding and so on and so forth goes to those who put in the effort to become a part of our core team and successfully helps us progress as a guild.
We have vent and guild website.

Few rules:
1. WoW is a game, not a job.. relax and don't stress
2. Have fun
3. If you sign up for raiding and being a part of the core team you are saying you are reliable and know what you are doing. consistent no shows and etc will see us replacing you in the core team though you may stay in the guild and do your own thing, run dungeons and stuff.

At this point there is no required gs and etc to get in as that would be stupid right before Cata comes out as tons of characters got free 251 gear and 264-277 gear (all of it) we will level out of by lvl 82 in Cata. Members will be promoted on how well they play their class and participate in whatever is going on in the leveling process and future raiding and the sort.

Feel free to join us , become part of our core team or even just join so that you can have a relaxed play style with guild benefits while you do whatever you want.

:) ~Kara
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