Just did an instance after the new patch

Ret paladins are not in a good place right now with the change to Divine Storm. It converts holy power generation to completely random proc's. It completely throws off any semblance of a rotation.

There are so many bugs right now, I don't know what was causing my ds/cs swing timer to reset constantly. Something would proc and I'd just spam Divine Storm.

Everything hits for significantly less. I couldn't break 7k on a heroic boss, usually I break 10k. Hopefully it's across the board for everyone but right now I feel VERY weak.
Divine Storm sharing a cool down with crusader strike does feel really clumsy to fit into the paladin rotation. Actually the whole rotation, priority system, or whatever you want to call it for ret seems clumsy. I think the fact that DS hits for 80% weapon DMG is enough to keep rets from hitting it for single target.
it's back to 60% and shares the CD of CS.. nfi why that change is in - no one in their right mind will use DS (unless there are 6+ mobs around) some one at EJ's did the math and its more dps to just CS and TV and leave off the AoE :(
In mine, it's showing it as 80% still.
still just hits for 17k on 10 targets woohoo... not worth it
idk why people are complaining we rarely used it before blizzard made adjustments we will still rarely use it, sooner or later it will be adjust and we'll use it >_>
Crusader strike should have the divine storm animation and we'll all be happy.
I agree its stupid to have CS and DS on the same cool down, all the QQers screwed us over when they were crying about DS being on HP. It was perfect on HP, now we have no rotation, its annoying when we have to let our auto attack be in our rotation

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