If wow was real what race/class would you be?

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I would want to be a human rogue, so what would you be???
Moonkin. Do I have to choose from WoW races?
Exactly what I am posting on, albeit more hidden and classy. By hidden, I mean you wouldn't know what I was.
Give you one guess
Human mage. All day e'er day.
Human Paladin.
Gnome Warrior so confusing love to see the look on their faces when they figure out they bit off more than they can chew.

Oh look at that little dude lets beat him.... Not today my friend not today
Moonkin of course.
Troll warlock. I've always wanted to be one.
Pandaren Mage.
Warlock, race matters not.
Moonkin of course.
hummm....just one. Naga or Val'lkyr. I'll go Naga.
Give you one guess
human paladin???
Automaton Chef/Appliance
first class all the way "GNOME HUNTER"
Warlock, race matters not.

Gnoll Warlock

01/06/2014 01:03 PMPosted by Warthunder
Give you one guess
human paladin???

Did you really try to go as far as the reasonable guess as possible

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