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"Failed to download information about the next patch. Check your network connection."

I already tried the method of running msconfig, unchecking load startup items and unchecking all non-microsoft services. Didn't work. I also tried to repair, that didn't work either.

Any suggestions?
Same issues. My mac and my wife's mac.
Having the exact same issue here today. Is there a sticky or a possible fix for this at all?
There are some older threads with the same issues; none of the fixes have worked for me though.
Can you check this in Control Panel, in Internet Options?

Go to the Connections tab.

Click on LAN Settings

Make sure these are Unchecked:

Use automatic configuration script
Use a proxy server for your LAN
Account and Technical Services
If the Forum isn't helping, contact a Support Rep directly:

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Are you guys behind a firewall that blocks torrents? That's a known issue.

If not, have you tried the instructions involving checking your internet explorer settings?

Check the first sections of this thread:
Nothing in that thread works if you're on a college campus, because what's preventing the launcher from downloading is the fact that most campus block anything that even remotely resembles P2P traffic, up to and including the .torrent files themselves.

Does anyone know if the latest .tfil workaround has been linked yet?
I have done all these things and to no avail nothing works for me...last week I had to DL a new tfil file
davidhc, none of those are checked.

Liadain, I am familiar with the torrent problem...I am at a hotel right now. I'll be here for a couple of more weeks; so it is very possible that that is the issue.

I haven't seen a new .tfil file for this patch yet.
Same thing here....


Click the launcher..... "Initializing, please wait"
Like a good Dwarf, I wait (as usual), until it says "up-to-date/ready-to-play"

now, I get a window that says "Failed to download information about the next patch. Check your network connection."

Here's my network connection: connected, 100.0 Mbps.

when you click 'ok', it just closes everything out. I tried the repair tool, which said all was good, but still get that message.

Here's the kicker: if I don't actually wait and just click "Play", I get right in.

same exact problem, nothing is working... It's error 134..

Tried what the GM posted, I saw they were unchecked... So that is now out of the question for being the problem.
I finally got it to work when I found the MPQ, TFIL and MFIL files from website.
I can't find those files tareck.
Yeah I've been having to download tfil and mfil files the last month or so and having same issue today but not finding any new tfil files or posts. What is the word with the MPQ, TFIL and MFIL files?
Would that workaround work again? or no?

I was wondering how that worked before?
I've tried the same mfil/tfil workaround that I've used for the last two patches, but apparently our "morale-net" wifi admins (I'm deployed overseas atm) have clamped down on this. Nothing I do has worked yet.
I have tried doing exactly what everyone says I should for the mirror patch, (moving the .tfil into the wow folder and the .mpq into the updates folder) but when i try to run the launcher, the .tfil file is just deleted from the wow folder and the launcher proceeds to tell me:
"Failed to download information for next patch. Check your network connection"
(as it has before)

I live on a college campus and do not have control over the ports for my internet. I would be very thankful if anyone could instruct me on how i could update WoW to 4.0.3a (I am currently stuck at
Ive done everthing to fix this problem re-installing wow and windows, deleting files and folders, disabling firewalls and anti-viruses contacting blizzard, opening ports

None of this worked for me. I lost 4 days of game time. How i fixed mine was i was missing 2 files when i installed wow.tfil, patch.html.

So i went on my bros comp and copied the files i didnt have which was the ones above

heres the wow.tfil :
and the patch.html :

Hope this helps ppl :D oh yeah when isntalling the patch turn off your firewall

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