Ret. meta gems

With the change to the chaotic meta, what do you guys think the best meta will be? There really isn't too many options other then chaotic, so I'm thinking that we are going to be sticking with it but I'd like to know what you guys think we might change to.
Either regem out to all str/haste or str/crit to make the meta or use the Destructive Skyflare Diamond (25 crit +1% spell reflect, req: 1 of all colours)

spell reflect is my personal choice, fun bg's inc.
Try out a Thundering Skyflare Diamond
Which is 'Melee and range haste rating increased by 480.' 45s ICD

Probably top meta atm ^
Yeah, thundering is the one I was thinking about. You can still stack mostly strength and meet the meta requirement easily. Once we hit 85 though there is not a new level 85 thundering meta to use.
Thundering Skyflare Diamond Meta is the one I decided to try out to simply replace my useless one at the moment.

It appears it is the best melee meta gem, for now....Or is it?

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