Help! Can't get quest "Darkness Stirs"!

I seem to be having a problem picking up the Horde quest "Darkness Stirs". I am trying to complete "The Battle for the Undercity" questline. I have done every required pre-quest on the other questlines to obtain it, and I have achieved "Veteran of the Wrathgate" and viewed the cinematic. I am the correct level and have every requirement to pick it up. I am supposed to be able to talk to Alexstraza (in dragon form at the wrathgate, I know it's not the Belf form back at the tower) to pick up the quest "Darkness Stirs" to continue with the questline, but when I talk to her she does not offer the quest! Help! Please God tell me this questline is unavailable now because of changes in Cataclysm....I've leveled up and quested my eyes out for the past month just to get to this quest.
As posted by Blue a couple months back , this chain is no longer available after the Shattering.
That really gets under my skin. I took a few months off from this game and returned wanting to play this so badly that I grinded myself up and did the entire pre-quest chain. I can't understand why Blizzard would remove the quest that most people call the greatest quest in the game.

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