[BUG] Word of Glory resets the swing-timer

Bug Report
As of the latest patch, WoG is resetting the swing-timer. This is a crippling bug for Retribution which is reliant on auto-swing for a number of procs.

While you're at it, this is way more minor, but glyphed Turn Evil resets the swing-timer as well. Other spells which have cast-times but are made instant-cast by procs or talents (Exorcism, for example) no longer reset the swing-timer once they become instant-cast.

Now I'm really derailing, but there's a delay on Seal of Justice. I hit a mounted target with it and the target gains a number of steps at full mounted speed before the movement-limiting effect applies. I have great latency, so that isn't the issue. The old Judgement of Justice, which applied the same effect, applied instantly.

Please fix these bugs. They are all very simple to replicate.

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