New to W.o.W. making a Paly soonish

I currently play a Rogue, and am making another character and decided on a Paladin, and I wasn't sure which way to go on my Paly, I want to be able to deal lots of damage but I'm thinking protecting and healing myself will be better in the long run, my main question is what should my main spec be and what should my spread on my talents look like?
Go ret for leveling. Quest your butt off.

When you get to 85, then make the other choices. Everything is up in the air right now for tanking/healing at 85, there have been major changes to paladin healing especially. You can build an offset of healing/tanking through LFD, just don't need on gear if the actual tank/healer need.
imo level as prot

but don't focus on stam dodge etc until endgame

while leveling strength is the prime stat for prot

(fyi prot is not only the best pally leveling spec, it's the best warrior leveling spec and the same strength primary stat applies)

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