Cannot login, disconnects after load screen

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i was playing as my orc warrior and was in a dungeon and it disconnected and now i cant get back in it keeps on doing the loading screen then the disconnected from server screen
i have the same problem, try lon in SW and got a disc, plz help
Im in the same boat with my rogue in arathi highlands.. all other toons work fine..

I'm having the same trouble. I think its because your character is in a zone that is cata exclusive and off limits atm so its disconnecting you. Just a guess but my character is currently stuck in swamp of sorrows.

The same problem in the same zone, my others toons works perfectly, but not my mage.

We need a explanation, because i see that we are many people that have the same problem, and i dont understand how my other toons in other realms and in the same realm of my mage can work perfectly?

I hope that the problem is a "zone problem" because i tried every solutions listed in another treads.
Just adding on that I'm having the exact same problem. It's only occurring on two of the characters I've tested so far. I know for sure that one of them was last logged out in SW.
I'm stuck in Swamp of Sorrows as well. This is really getting on my nerves. My weekend off and I get this crap. :(
My boyfriend was disconnected from Stormwind on his paladin. He was just walking around in Stormwind with my alt and he was randomly booted. I was not.

He is just fine on his mage, though.

My toon in Desolace has been disconnected since 6:50ish p.m. last night. It is now noon.

I found a solution, it works for me, an very easy... simply configure yours video options, in the vision distance set in low mode and run the game, looks to easy but it works for me. Otherwise there are other solution that may be can work.... with another toon contact a GM and ask for a ticket, ask him for put your problematic toon in another city, and maybe works...

And now to enjoy the game for me....

I'm having the exact same problem. I was flying through red ridge mtns and got disconnect, After that i could not log back in after the load screen it disconnects me.

Blizzard please fix this or at least respond, Alot of people pay good money to be able to play the game not be locked out of it.
I was having the exact smame problem while flying to Lakeshire. Setting my viewing distance to the lowest level "fixed" it.
I run the launcher and it authenticates me fine, I pick my character, then the loading screen pops up, loads fine but immediately disconnects me. :/
Same exact thing happened to me. Same exact area
Im stuck at the realm list and cannot log in all the way thru
I too am having the same problem, I'm stuck in Swamp of Sorrows and can't leave. I get disconnected as soon as the loading bar is full. All my other toons work fine, Blizzard get your act together and fix this . . .
This is an issue that has been reported and we are tracking.

In the meantime, try the video fix mentioned in the sticky ( and see if that gets you in the game long enough to get out of that area.
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Desolace for me too! =(
i can not log in after load screen p fix it at stormwind city
Twekerbrett, we've found a workaround for some cases of freezing and disconnecting in Stormwind:

You'll want to open the World of Warcraft folder, and then the WTF folder. Then open the file, and edit this line so it reads:
SET accounttype "CT"
After you save the file, start up WoW, and let it finish downloading everything it needs. Once everything has finished downloading, you can hit Play.

If this doesn't help, please create your own thread, and we can troubleshoot further.
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