Core survivorbility of a Brewmaster Monk?

So much misinformation in one thread. It's mind boggling.

Just from one person mostly.
The easiest way to weed through the information you are seeing in this threat is to consider the source. You have some very good BrM tanks in this thread with alot of raid experience giving good advice. You have some not so good BrM tanks in this thread giving poor advice.

Easiest way to do this? Right click their name, open in new tab, scroll down, look at raid experience, the consider the source and match it to the advice.

With that said, I am not the most experienced here, but I have done more than enough to understand monk tanking (CM 9/9 and starting Heroic SoO after only 6 weeks back from a short break at the end of ToT).

Stat Priority when you first start could be something like below. The idea here is, enough haste to easily maintain 100% up time on Shuffle while then getting you focused on the correct stats immediately after. This is ONLY when you are under geared! This is actually complete garbage stats, but it is a good band aid until you're a little better geared.

7.5 hit 11 exp
4500 haste

once you have even LFR gear under your belt, just go

7.5 / 15
crit <---- main stat

Once you hit 25m HEROIC SoO - it will change, but don't worry about that for now. The goal of this stat priority is Elusive Brew up time. You should maintain 95% + Shuffle Up Time (goal is 100%) and 95% + Elusive Brew up time.

just my 2 cents, good luck BrM tanks !

Luckily, once WoD comes out, we'll get A LOT better and easier to play. No hit or expertise? Perfect =)

the small level of complexity this class has is what makes it fun. it's not really difficult now, just more difficult than the rest. this dumbing down of classes is terrible and i hate that people look forward to more of it.
So much misinformation in one thread. It's mind boggling.

i think my brain is bleeding.


the only guides you really need as a brewmaster.

read them.....meditate on the knowledge gained and then read them again.
11 exp

Just curious, why this seemingly arbitrary number?

Monks just starting nowadays can (and should) easily expertise cap before ever raiding with just a little legwork and maybe a bit of cash.

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