Your character's New Year resolution

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To get that goddam tolvir Qiraj mount
To get this character clears on every raid up to atleast Cata heroics.
(Our guild is doing older raids so no it won't be hard getting enough people. :P)

To become so rich that goblins look up to me for my greed.

To finally get the TLPD and not come back in the room after AFK'ing for less than a minute to see it's corpse under me. :((((((
My resolution mir to save up $30 so I can level this guy as ally for WoD well I suppose that's two ings but whatever
my panda monk gave up drinking >.>
Obtain the hand of sulfuras so that I can dual wield my thunderfury with it while I stroll around stormwind. Oh and to get the mainhand glaive as well.

That's really sad. Hope you get it figured out and get better soon.
It may take a few months they said, but I don't think it will take that long. Thank ye kindly though, my dear. n_n
As for someone who lives with depression/anxiety, I know that it can definitely take its toll on our health. Hang in there and hope you are able to get better!
this new years resolution I am going to make deadened nerves a passive ability (ha ha) and take a look around what happened after Cataclysm.
happy new year WoW folks!
You're silly.

Not sure if being rude or just jealous of my transmog
is it bad that I plan to kill every rogue I can?
Get gladiator elite set though it seems hopeless atm
To get the Legendary Cape on my main Shadow Priest
Don't really believe in New Year resolutions.
to get huntsmans mount out of's only been every week since it was released, I believe it'll happen this time!....../cry
I'm going to focus more on my Horde side in the next expansion. Giving up Alliance life to a more "savage" way of living. I think it's more fun to be a ruthless, badass orc. So I'm going to create an orc warrior and boost straight to 90 and I'm gonna bring down my enemies.
my panda monk gave up drinking >.>

Heresy, and makes the baby Chen Stormstout cry! For shame!


Heresy! A shaven dwarf is just... inconceivable!

is it bad that I plan to kill every rogue I can?

Nope, it's the dream of every warlock. Warlocks stereotypically hate rogues with the fel fury of a thousand green-blazing suns.

Update for myself: got my Golganarr kill this morning. :D
Cut down on the junk food for once.

Poor Star here might lose his edge in a month or two...
01/09/2014 04:54 PMPosted by Cobble

But....your luxurious Warrior beard!

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