Relentless Earthsiege Diamond

"Requires more blue gems then red gems."

Really blizzard, really?

Chaotic Skyfire Diamond also has this same requirements. Bigger question is why are these 2 the only meta gems that have any requirements like this?
Exactly. At this point, I'd rather just stack my reds for Agi then waste any time on a meta thats useless now. For any melee class that USED to love that meta is not gonna waste time or money on blues in there sockets.
indeed. both my pvp and pve sets are screwed now cuz i stacked +20 agi(which are red). i'm personally annoyed by this and i'm not gonna waste gold to lose out on that much agi only to gain 21 and 3% increased crit damage. worthless trade-off.

currently on my pvp set i'm gemmed with 10 Delicate Cardinal Ruby and 2 Blue. if i were to try and meet the requirements to use this meta i'd lose at least 80 agility.

I saw Chaotic Sky on my char was just blown away.
I mean wtf? why wouldn't a caster stack Int? This isn't a healing meta or anything...
seriously rather dumb change
Ya...especially for us JewelCrafters...

I know on my hunter I can't even drop enough hit to get enough blue gems to use my Red Dragonseyes.
Yea, this change makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe at 85 blizz will prove me wrong. I can only hope.
Not sure why they felt the need to make this change for the wrath gems. Kind of a slap in the face.
I don't understand the change to this gem and Chaotic Skyflare either. Blizz made this giant effort to make all colors of gems more attractive to match socket bonuses so we would match them, and then they make this kind of change to our gear which with the current socket colors typical to each chars t11 these gems are very unattractive.
it is a slap in the face. Enh shammy's are struggling on the dps charts at level 80 since 4.0 as it is, now they've pulled this crap making us lose even more attack power. pisses me off they haven't even touched my spec let alone acknowledge it but every other class is getting tweaked regularly.
What does "more blue than red gems" mean anyhow? I dunno. I can't be bothered regemming for what is, viewed objectively, a very small increase in stats. Not at this point when most of the gear will be sharded shortly anyhow.
I did the math, I have 25 total sockets. Therefore I would have to have 13 blues (or greens), and 12 red's. To do so, I would lose 13 red gems (260 Str) and gain +22 Str from socket bonuses. So I would net lose 238 Str. Definitely NOT worth re-gemming for.
I can only assume this is a bug with the latest patch. Take a look at the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond:

"Requires more Blue gems than Blue gems"

And you thought the Relentless was a pain to activate...

I still haven't seen a blue response, but for now I wouldn't change a thing.
It's still a DPS increase to use type of meta at 85 (there are so few red sockets).
would be nice to get a blue response didnt see anything in patch notes
Gonna switch my dps characters to Thundering Skyflare I think.
This was very unwelcome as an unmentioned change in the patch, Blizz. Blue/purple gems are vastly inferior to red or orange gems for most, if not all, DPS builds.

Please think about reverting this.
wtb a better meta gem this change is as bad as Light of dawn has been redesigned that they did
I so raged when I saw that.

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